The First Time

It was the first time. There was hesitation. Awkward at first. You feel a little bit shaky, shy, even intimidated. Then the contact has been made. The ice broke, the tension eases out. But the road towards there is very long. Every once in a while you feel like lurching because of the seemingly endless butt pain. Finally, we got there. Now I can unload myself of that primal fluid that has been wanting to get out since the journey started. Aaahhhh…. It went smoothly. Although a bit uneasy, there is that blissful feeling that everything is going to be all right after that first time.


Whew! It’s not what you are thinking you green minded ones! But it sure felt that way when my co-apps and I went to groove with the CIRCANs for the first time. It was the org’s Christmas party. Indeed there was that certain awkward feeling newcomers usually feel. It felt like I’m new here and I barely know my co-apps (except for two or three), much more the members themselves.


The venue was slated at one of the places in Alabang. The assembly was at the college lobby at five o’clock. It took an hour for us to finally move because of some delays due to the Outreach Program of CIRCA. It took us yet another three painstaking, gall-bladder-racking hours to arrive at Alabang. Traffic was bumper to bumper, the van we were in was silent (except for some idle conversations), and Justine was, should I say, trying to coo us into an amiable conversation. Worst of all, my urinary tract was screaming the red alert signal that the critical level has been reached!


Eventually, we warmed up and started talking to each other. The conversation actually started from the urgent need to pee because others were also in the same predicament as I am. Talks about wee-wee bags for women ignited jokes which later lead to making fun of passengers in nearby vehicles, and much later on to vociferous laughter (wala lang magawa).


Finally we arrived at the place and gladly relieved ourselves of that much-needed pee. It was only then when formal introductions were made, and mind you I was not feeling left out anymore. My co-apps were fun to be with. We sort of bonded immediately because of that impromptu dance number we were required to present. The members too have their way of making us feel accommodated. They were warm "receptionists" and magulo, which is actually fun in a CIRCAn kind of way.


So off we mingled and chewed down the food at the table. Who wouldn’t be hungry after that long ride? Afterwards, games were played and sad to say, we are not that good at shooting toothpicks into polo holes. There were dancing, jamming, frolicking and more games. Some people were splashing in the pool. It was Christmas party cum Induction party for some of the new members. I guess I can say that the people did become wet and wild! However, we apps huddled into one room and locked ourselves for fear of getting wet (although some of us were not spared! Thank goodness I was not there anymore!).


Eventually, the energy level went down. Dawn came and some of us decided to go home. We may be tired and sleepy, but hey, it was the mark of another beginning for us. We were on the verge of entering into the CIRCAn world, hoping to be a part of it. May that first time pave the way.

--- Dave

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